About project

Europe is facing a high number of unemployed young people. The consequences of high unemployment are not more economic, but Europe also risks a ‘lost generation’ of young people that, because they cannot participate in society, deals with low self-esteem, low motivation and even radicalization of thoughts and cynicism. It is a threat to the personal development of these young people as well as society and Europe as a whole. The project corresponds with the main aims and priorities of the European Commission in the development and the implementation of strategic document for stimulation of the intelligence growth of the capacity of the target groups and the main participants of the European Educational System.

According to the plan in the field of Entrepreneurship till 2020 there must be done investments in the change of community’s perception of entrepreneurs, in the education of entrepreneurship and in support of the groups which are not as strongly presented towards the entrepreneurs as the others.

Aim: use of non-formal education to stimulate and expand the capacity of 31 youth leaders\workers in Erasmus + project implementation and to share their skills in young people’s motivation to increase the employability of young people to develop their entrepreneurial skill


– Develop personal and professional life of youth 31 workers from 6 countries to facilitate access to the labor market of young people in the long term by increasing their key competences and skills,

– Exploring relevance and potential of empowerment in youth work to increase employability and entrepreneurship among young people.

-Development and encouraging solidarity and tolerance among young people, in particular to strengthen social cohesion in the EU.

– Presentation of Erasmus + and the opportunities it offers to young people in Europe as a tool for youth empowerment, employability and entrepreneurship

– exchange best practices and raise awareness of the 31 participants on the need to promote and develop entrepreneurship spirit in the current economic climate

– creating networking of youth workers at European level aimed to promote youth entrepreneurship and development of projects for youth

The activities are based on principles of nonformal education: gaming knowledge, energizer, presentation of Erasmus +, creating business plans, exploring the concept of 3E, presenting the situation of entrepreneurship in the participating countries, session evaluation and reflection.

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